Garage Door Repair Henderson NV

Garage Door Repair Henderson NV

The Best Garage Door Repair Henderson NV

Garage Door Repair Henderson NV – Are you searching for an experienced garage door repair company in Henderson NV? We can help!

Lifetime Garage Door is your one-stop solution for any kind of servicing, repair and installation work. We have a team of experienced technicians capable of taking care of all kinds of garage door repair needs in Henderson. Our gamut of services includes everything you need for commercial and residential garage doors. Our team is regularly trained to handle the latest technology. We also carry an inventory of various components for major manufacturers.

Call us at (702) 530 – 3929 to schedule an inspection.

One of the major causes of problems with garage doors is spring issues. You can rely on our technicians to fix any kind of problem with the springs. Whether you have torsion springs or extension springs, our technicians have been the experience, knowledge, training and tools to fix the problem right the first time. Temperatures in Henderson can go really high and there is always a chance of springs getting damaged due to constant movement. Do not try to fix the springs on your own. These have a lot of stored torque and can cause considerable damage if not handled properly.

If one or multiple panels of your garage door have been damaged, we also offer panel replacement services. We won’t ask you to replace the whole door as it can get really expensive. If you have any doubts, give us a call today to schedule an inspection. Our technicians will make the right recommendation after proper inspection and we will make sure to keep the costs to the minimum.

If your garage door has been working properly, you should still call an experienced technician to take a look. Preventive maintenance is the key to avoiding expensive repairs and replacements. Our tune-up service includes close inspection of all the components of the garage door to ensure that things are working properly. In case we discover any kind of problem, we will make you aware of the same and recommend the next steps to avoid major repairs.

If your garage door hasn’t been working as smoothly as it should and is jamming, it might be due to problems with the tracks and rollers. When you open the garage door, the rollers roll on the tracks on each side of the garage. If there is a problem with either the rollers or the tracks, it could lead to jamming issues. Do not ignore it as it could lead to extensive repairs which simply means that you will have to spend a lot of money. Call our technicians to take a look and we will quickly fix the issues with tracks and rollers.

If the garage door has come off the tracks, it could be due to a problem with the cable and drum. A garage door is heavy and this drum helps in raising and lowering it. The cable connects the garage door to the drum and once you push the button, it starts wrapping around the drum. In short, it works as a counterbalance.

Due to various issues, these cables get damaged leading to issues. If the cable is not wrapping around the room properly, it could cause extensive damage. If your garage door is making noises whenever you open or close it, call our technicians to inspect the cable and drum and to recommend the best solution.

We are available at all times. A garage door emergency can happen at any time and this is why our team of technicians is available 24 x 7. Do not ignore seemingly minor garage door problems. These minor problems can quickly snowball into major repairs that are always expensive.

Lifetime Garage Doors has been serving the residents of Henderson for several years. We are a locally owned business and our team of technicians has extensive experience in servicing and repairing all kinds of garage doors. Our technicians are fully equipped with the necessary tools to fix the issues with your garage door at the earliest. We carry an extensive inventory of all the major components needed for regular garage door repair.

We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded service. We perform extensive background checks before hiring a technician and continue to invest in their training to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our work.

Give us a call at (702) 530 – 3929 to schedule garage door repairs.

Garage Door Repair Henderson NV
Garage Door Repair Henderson NV

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