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Popoular Commercial Garage Doors Near Me

Toughness is the name of the game when it comes to commercial garage doors. In fact, all commercial-use doors must be strong and long-lasting because they see a lot of use.

Indeed, commercial garage doors withstand a lot of abuse, and as such need to be well built, sturdy, made of high-quality materials, and durable. As such, when picking a garage door for your business, you need one that can endure the daily rigors of owning and operating a company.

Top Garage Door Installation in Las Vegas - Lifetime Garage Door Service

We are a dependable company that installs, maintains, and repairs all types of commercial garage doors. We aim to ensure that your company operates smoothly with garage doors that are built to handle a high volume of activity. As such, we provide a remarkable array of durable, heavy-duty commercial doors.

Our wide range of commercial and industrial upward-acting doors have been thoroughly tested for performance and safety, including rolling-steel garage doors and many others. Our commercial garage doors are the best choice for durability, serviceability, and hassle-free performance because they are engineered for excellence and backed by a devoted team of professionals.

Popular Commercial Garage Doors Near Me

From insulated and non-insulated commercial doors for internal and external applications to high-performance, sectional steel, and fire-rated doors, we manufacture a wide range of types to match your business demands. The following are some of the most common commercial garage doors:


We have a variety of sectional steel doors and insulated steel doors to meet the needs of situations where durability, reliability, and cost are paramount. Sectionals offer incredible benefits from energy economy to seamless operation and aesthetic appeal. You can further personalize these doors with a variety of door panel styles, track and hardware, and specialized choices to meet your individual commercial garage door needs.

Roll-Up or Coiling Doors

Steel rolling doors offer adaptability, security, and long-term durability. They are particularly great for weather protection and security whether they are made of aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized steel. With a new roll-up commercial garage door, you can maximize the safety and efficiency of your business.

You could also go the extra mile of fire- and smoke-rated types provide additional safety for your space, as well as insulation for temperature and airflow control. Let us help you create a unique aesthetic with a roll-up or coiling door that is rust-resistant, low maintenance, and available in all gauges.

High-Speed Metal Doors

These garage doors have a high cycle and a springless construction that provide a streamlined appearance and dependable performance. With opening speeds of up to 80" per second, our high-speed metal doors provide a high-speed solution that is both secure and aesthetically beautiful. The springless construction of engineered for high cycles also means that maintenance is low.

Aluminum Glass Commercial Doors

These are great choices for commercial and industrial applications where aesthetics, light infiltration, and visual access, are key design considerations. We have a variety of treatment options, track designs, glazing materials, and stile widths to choose from. All our commercial garage doors are functional, durable, and aesthetically designed, and they're engineered for long life, little maintenance, and lasting beauty.


From wind load to insulated sectional commercial doors, rolling counter doors and shutters as well as overhead coiling security grilles, we have many other types of commercial garage doors for numerous business applications.

Commercial Garage Door Accessories

To meet the demands of your commercial space, Lifetime Garage Door Service offers durable and energy-efficient overhead doors in a range of styles, materials, sizes, and building code requirements. Compact options, such as powered, hand crank, or push-up designs, are also available. We also sell a wide range of garage door accessories, including opener remotes, wall consoles and keypads, and much more!

Why Choose Us? - Lifetime Garage Door Las Vegas

Our commercial-grade sectional doors are designed to satisfy the needs of all corporate applications daily. We're also well-known in Las Vegas, where we're trusted as an expert in commercial garage doors.

If you are unclear which garage door will work best for your commercial property in Las Vegas, our professionals can help. Let's choose amongst the most popular commercial garage doors near me for the finest option. Contact us at (702) 530-3929


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