Garage Door Opener Remote

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Garage Door Opener Remote

It happens when you least expect it. You try to leave and the garage door won't open. You park your car, and the door won't close. You push frantically at the button on the door opener remote and nothing happens.

Why do garage door opener remotes stop working?

This type of malfunction can occur because of the remote or some other part of the opener:

- The door lock has activated somehow.

Many people accidentally activate the lock when using the wall panel, especially if it's part of a larger smart building security system. A power surge can also activate the lock.

- The remote has an old or dead battery.

Even if the LED on the remote lights up when you press a button, it might not have enough power to send a strong signal. If the wall control panel works, then the remote likely has a power problem, especially if you've used the same battery for more than a year.

- The remote has impact damage.

Many people mishandle their garage door remotes to the point that the parts wear faster than normal. Repeated jarring impacts from tossing the remote onto hard surfaces or dropping it can break it.

- The remote requires reprogramming to communicate with the opener system.

Battery swaps and power surges can cause programming problems that requires a remote reset.

- The opener isn't receiving the signal because of improper maintenance or malfunction.

Dirt can build up on the opener receiver and block its ability to pick up a signal. A power surge might also force a reset or total replacement.

- Other electrical equipment is interfering with the remote signal.

Automatic lights and security devices installed too close to the door can disrupt RF signals.

At Lifetime Garage Door, we proudly help our Las Vegas neighbors install, maintain and repair their garage doors and remotes. We offer tips like these to help reduce the stress from common everyday incidents. For more information about garage door opener remote malfunctions, call our caring team at (702) 530-3929 today.


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