Garage Door Repair Henderson, NV

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Garage Door Repair Henderson, NV
There is nothing worse than having a garage and not getting your vehicle out or in the door because of some mishap with the garage door. If you find that you require a repair because your garage door will not open or shut all the way, get in touch with "Lifetime Garage Door." If you live in the Nevada area or any surrounding area, this company takes pride in the work they do. And best of all, their specialty is to fix any garage door problem. Things such as garage:

  • springs
  • remotes
  • doors

When repairing these specific parts, "Lifetime Garage Door" offers several options to fix your garage door issues. Some mechanisms the company uses that will work to override any obstacle that may come up with your garage door are:

Chain Drive Openers:

  • 8587W Elite Series
  • 8500W Wall mount
  • 8550W Elite Series
  • 8355W Premium Series
  • 8365 1/2 HP Chain Drive
  • 8165 1/2 HP Chain Drive

These chain drive openers are built sturdy and made so that you will never need a repair again. Even so, if you are looking to repair a problem with the amount of noise a garage door makes when it opens, then consider one of these:

Belt Drive Openers:

  • 8550W Elite Series
  • 8355W Premium Series

If the problem is noise, a belt drive will be more efficient at quieting that annoying screeching sound. This company also can fix a problem with low overhead room by installing a Wall Mount garage door opener such as the:

  • 8500W Elite Series

As you can see, "Lifetime Garage Door" can repair any opener and replace it with exactly what you desire for your garage. They can also improve and replace parts that wear over time, like springs. Springs can be a more complex problem because they take precision and expertise to find the problem and deal with it safely. However, rest assured that Lifetime has many years of experience and can do the job right!


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