Garage Door Repair Service Nevada

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Garage Door Repair Service Nevada

A garage door can stop functioning properly or become unsafe at any time. Problems with garage doors typically happen because of accidents, improper installation and wear and tear of parts. The following list covers some of the most common problems that people face with their doors:

- The remote control and the wall switch stop working.

If only the remote control stops working, you're typically dealing with a battery or other problem with the remote. When both control mechanisms stop working, then the door has likely experienced a motor or power distribution problem.

- The door won't open or close the entire way.

If the door sticks in an opened or closed position, you might be dealing with one or more problems. The door might have damaged or rusted parts that are sticking or entirely stuck. The tracks might have somehow bent or moved out of position. Lastly, safety sensors or the limit switch might have stopped working.

- The door stops and starts as it moves and generally moves in an uneven fashion.

Any of the reasons mentioned in the last section can cause this problem. That said, the door might also have a bad motor. The tracks might need maintenance and re-lubricated to help with smooth movement of the door along them.

- The door makes a screeching or other loud noise when you open or close it.

Improper installation of a new door can result in misalignment along the tracks. The garage settling can also knock the door out of alignment. Additionally, noises happen when poor maintenance decreases lubrication of the tracks or from deteriorated hinges and rollers.

At Lifetime Garage Door, our experienced team has the knowledge and skills to help Las Vegas residents and business owners with garage door malfunctions. We not only quickly and efficiently determine the scope of the problem, but we also offer budget-friendly solutions that last. Our emergency on-site service is available 24 hours every day of week. Call 702 530-3929 today for more details.


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